Collection Pics are Here!!!

Sorry for the long pause in posting! I’ve been sick for the past month(!) give or take. I’m still not fully recovered and the winter just refuses to leave… but I have learned not to party till dawn two nights in a row, so I guess that’s something…

Anyway, I hope to never have such a long break for such a sad reason…

I do have some exciting news to share –

Remember this guy?


I sold him on Etsy!!! Isn’t that exciting?! My very first sale… Hope many more will follow!

Also, I have recently received the pictures of the mini collection I made for the fashion design course.

Check it out –



The collection’s name – Globalization – Rags to Riches.

The concept was demonstrating the contrast in lifestyle between the western world and the third world by the use of shiny glitzy pink fabrics of satin and organza alongside canvas fabric that I dyed with tea to give it an aged look. I also used some patch work and left some of the edges raw to achieve a torn, ragged appearance. I added the logo prints on the organza fabric as seen on the dress in the middle and on the shawl to represent consumerism in the western world.

Here is the illustration for the collection –

איור אופנה

Now, the bad news are that the critics brought by the school to our final presentation really hated my work. All of them did and very much so. I was especially surprised at how all of them had the exact same opinion. I would expect creative people to also have some original thoughts, but that wasn’t the case.

The dress they like the least was my personal favorite –


And that leads me to the good news – Giveaway coming up soon!!!

I have a lot of the pink printed organza fabric leftover and I thought I’d make a little something with it and since I can’t sell it, I would be more than happy to give it away to good home. I thought of making a clutch purse with some of it. If anyone has any other ideas for stuff I could make with it to giveaway I’m open to suggestions.

That’s it for this week’s post. Don’t miss next week’s post regarding the corset I made for myself. Stay tuned!


New Etsy Shop and Future Announcements!

Congratulations are in order! I just opened my new ETSY shop – Wish me luck!

The top you all know and love from my recent post is now on sale!

Now on sale!

Now on sale!

I also uploaded an owl decorative pillow and the owls in love ornament in floral print and lavender –

owl5 owls4

Additional announcements – I am planning to have a giveaway very soon!!! I can’t say what exactly is in store, but it has something to do with this baby –


This is pink organza fabric I used for my final project for the fashion design course (more to come about this project in the future). I had the fabric printed with different kinds of logos. It turned out beautifully, however, since it features different logos I can’t sell anything I make with it for copyright reasons. So I decided to giveaway the item I make with it. Are you excited? Cause I am…

Other things to look forward to in the very near future are in this picture –


I don’t know if I happened to mention that the final project for the fashion design studio included a lot of pink fabrics, well now is as good time as any I guess…

In the following weeks I will complete my first satin corset in pink and will make my first ever tulle skirt!!! Stay tuned for that!