New Etsy Shop and Future Announcements!

Congratulations are in order! I just opened my new ETSY shop – Wish me luck!

The top you all know and love from my recent post is now on sale!

Now on sale!

Now on sale!

I also uploaded an owl decorative pillow and the owls in love ornament in floral print and lavender –

owl5 owls4

Additional announcements – I am planning to have a giveaway very soon!!! I can’t say what exactly is in store, but it has something to do with this baby –


This is pink organza fabric I used for my final project for the fashion design course (more to come about this project in the future). I had the fabric printed with different kinds of logos. It turned out beautifully, however, since it features different logos I can’t sell anything I make with it for copyright reasons. So I decided to giveaway the item I make with it. Are you excited? Cause I am…

Other things to look forward to in the very near future are in this picture –


I don’t know if I happened to mention that the final project for the fashion design studio included a lot of pink fabrics, well now is as good time as any I guess…

In the following weeks I will complete my first satin corset in pink and will make my first ever tulle skirt!!! Stay tuned for that!


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